Amy Mathews founded AJ's School of Dance back in 2004. She started running classes in village halls and schools before becoming the proud owner of AJ's very own dance school based in Cartergate, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The school continues to grow each year with more pupils, classes, talented and inspiring teachers all made possible by the fantastic support we receive from our AJ's community of parents and carers.

Our Principal

Amy Matthews AJ's School of Dance

Amy Matthews 

AJ's School of Dance now has over 200 students who attend a variety of classes on a weekly basis.


I teach Street Dance, Musical Theatre & Boogie Bounce classes and hire in other speciality teachers so that the school offers a full variety of styles. Students range from the age of 2 1⁄2 to adults. Many students work towards dance exams but we are happy for others to just come along to enjoy the experience without this added pressure.

We regularly participate in local functions and charity events, hold an annual dance show and invite professional celebrity dance performers to add a further dimension to the school. We have welcomed `Flawless` ,`Twist and Pulse` and Diversity’ from ‘Britains Got Talent`. The well known dancer/ choreographer Tomas Simon (who performed with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey) held a private workshop with our #FTB Crew. Workshop with the West End’s Zoe Birkett, Mark Hedges & Shona Lyndsey. 

Myself and my teachers take great pride in coaching our pupils. We love to teach and watch their passion grow for performing, whether it be for fun, fitness or to further a career in the performing arts industry. At AJ's School of Dance there really is something for everyone and we're here to help every step along the way.

I wanted kids to experience more by taking them to events & competitions, helping with their auditioning techniques and providing them with advice for how to get in to a performing arts college. This would be combined with the chance to perform in some amazing places, such as “Her Majesty Theatre’, Disney Land Paris Parade and various football stadiums.

 I wanted to bring in Industry professionals to share their knowledge.

I wanted my shows to have a little bit more of a WOW factor where students wanted to go on and perform again.
I know our students and parents over the years have created some great memories with us and understand the foundations of dance so that they can take it further, should they wish.

We love to make our classes fun, whilst learning skills or routines,  however we do teach the discipline of dance/performing & we also take pride in encouraging pupils to always try their best and to boost their confidence.

We want parents to feel like they are investing in a good foundation for their children & the wonderful memories they will create with us.

Our classes are available to those who just want to have fun and make new friends, while learning new skills, routines and performing. This will help boost their self esteem and confidence. We are also available for those wanting to take that next step and start working towards going in to the industry or audition for college level.

Our Studio Manager


Kaylie Booth

My main job role is to manage staff and classes and general duties in reception. I ensure that things run as smoothly as possible within the dance school. I am responsible for the accounts and enrolling pupils. I am there to help any student or parent at any time. 
I really enjoy my job role within the school and have built some great relationships with parents and students alike. I feel confident that parents and students can come to me with any issues and I will go above and beyond to make your time at our school as pleasant as possible. 
I am extremely passionate about my role within the school and I enjoy watching our children grow with confidence and their ability. 

We're here to help!

If you have any questions at all about which classes might be the best option for you or your child please do not hesitate to contact us today!