Contemporary Dance


Meet the Teacher - Roxie Carey

Hello Dancers! 
My name is Roxie Carey and Im very excited to say that I’m a new teacher here at AJ’s School Of Dance. My love of performing began as a young girl in Ireland where I trained for many years until I auditioned for Performing Arts Colleges in the U.K. I successfully gained two full scholarships to study here professionally and chose to train at Leicester College of Performing Arts where I received my professional Diploma. My performing experience in England so far includes lead roles in Musicals such as Fame and Sweet Charity. I have also performed in well known conventions, corporate events, and more, as a Dancer and Solo/Group singer. I believe as dancers we should all aim to be the best possible all round performers we can be. 
Really excited for what’s to come with you all, and most importantly, Let’s have lots of fun! 

What is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. In my class I love to combine technical training with personal expression through dance. I like to fuse many styles into my contemporary class, with a variety of music, from your favourite hits to unusual rhythms and melodies. In my class I do fun warm ups, corner work including floor/travelling/elevating exercises, improvisation, and group choreography. But no matter what we always have lots of fun! 

What will students learn & gain from your class? 

In my class you will develop discipline, technical dance skills, and enhanced confidence and performance skills. You will gain valuable assets that will contribute to you not only as a dancer but as a person. You will make many friends and find your self confidence grow more and more with each class. I also run yearly Contemporary exams with NATD which is highly beneficial for a young dancers journey as you will receive a certificate and grade from a professional examiner. My biggest aim as a teacher is that my students become the best dancers they can be whilst enjoying every second of it! 

Who it will benefit? 

This class would benefit many people. Do you want to improve as an all round dancer/performer? Do you want to become a more confident individual? Do you want to find release or get a break from long school days or the struggles of every day life. Then this class is for you.


Why to choose your class? 

You should choose contemporary as it is a mix of a variety of dance styles. From traditional technique to current choreography you are spoilt for choice with what you will learn in this class. It’s for hardworking students but the rewards you will receive is worth every second! I believe that we should always enjoy every second of class whilst bettering ourselves at the same time. What more could you want from your Dance Class! 

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