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Musical Theatre

What is musical theatre?

Discover the thrill of musical theatre at AJ's School of Dance - where captivating stories are brought to life through a blend of songs, dialogue, acting, and dance. Our talented performers use their skills to convey a range of emotions, from humour to love, and anger, creating a captivating performance. With seamless integration of words, music, and technical aspects, you'll feel like you're part of the magic. Come and immerse yourself in the world of musical theatre at AJ's School of Dance & Performing Arts

Our Showbiz Kids  4-7yrs 

Rise Up Musical Theatre 8+yrs 


Meet the Teachers - Amy Matthews & Roxie Carey

Private Singing Lessons

When are Private Singing Lessons?

To book your session email:



LAMDA graded examinations are recognised as an awarding organisation by Ofqual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England and the corresponding regulatory authorities in Wales and Northern Ireland.


Meet the Teacher - Roxie Carey

What will you do?

Working with an industry professional, students will learn 
. Warm Up/Cool Downs
. Pop/Rock- Riffing, focusing on pop sounds
. Classical/ MT 
. Breathing techniques
. Vocal sounds
. Performing

We're here to help!

If you have any questions at all about which classes might be the best option for you or your child please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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