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What a Show - AJ's 2019 Let's Go to the Movies

15 YEARS!!!!!

This happened in a blink of an eye, from teaching in my own in school halls desperate for people/kids to join me to 15years later of owning my own school & privileged enough to be able to get my pupils to perform on our local palace theatre stage for I believe 7 years now.

What an amazing experience every year is to spend a couple of days with you all to see your talent shine on stage.

I did all my thank you's last night & hope I covered everyone. I ended up in tears again when I look at pupils. My heart is filled with so much pride. I see them day in & day out come in eager to learn, some days they like a good natter 🤦🏼‍♀️ but eventually we get the job done. They work so hard & crack on & to see everything together is just amazing!

Our teachers spend hours behind the scenes coming up with ideas choreographing, sorting costume, organising music & so much more. I love working with you all so much & have become great friends. Thank you for putting your own passion in to the job you love. Here’s to 2020!!!

Parents I always say it but I hope you see what your time, dedication, money goes into. An investment in to your child’s happiness & fabulous memories they will tell their children when they are older. Some will tell them how we didn’t manage to get them on stage in time 🤦🏼‍♀️ but we worked it out as a team & we’ll giggle about it next time. I thank you all for choosing my school to teach your children & being part of these memories ❤️

Chaperones - I say it every year we can’t put on a show without you all. Thank you to parents & pupils who made themselves available to come back & help us this year when we were desperate. We can’t thank you enough. I know it’s a tough job watching so many children, changing, hair styles, fixing things, running them around, entertaining them, making sure they are safe but again you are part of these children’s memories & why they can also be on that stage because you dedicated that time to them on this day. Thank you thank you thank you from us all.

Kaylie Booth I have never known a lady who likes to be so organised 🤣 it works, we work as team ❤️ you get the job done as well as 2 other jobs & looking after your family. You always find time for meetings, sorting/organising new projects with me, paperwork, ideas, help staff parents & support pupils. A rare diamond 💎 you are my friend & I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

So once again it’s done & dusted for another year. I hope our parents & pupils join us for a well earned drink & boogie at our Christmas party to celebrate not just another year but 15 years of AJ’S.

I have more ideas being announced for the school in the next few weeks ready for the new year which I hope you all like.

We are bringing back - if you want to try a class with us or new style you can get your 1st lesson FREE! This starts next week.

Come join us!

I am spending the day with my family today peeling back my eyelids as I’m sure many of you are. Lol. Can’t wait to get my boys on that stage (I may regret that) 🤣

So 2019 show you have been eventful, brought happiness, tears, craziness & more. WE’ll SEE YOU AT THE PALACE THEATRE 2020!!!! ⭐️

Amy Matthews


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